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Social Distancing=Essential Shopping Distancing

We are operating under our new policy until further notice. All shopping is provided over the phone, by email or text and is available for customer parking lot pick up or local delivery options ONLY. There is no public/customer access to our store. We have instructed all our employees to maintain social distancing while adhering to strict sanitation and cleaning procedures. We ask that you do the same. All customers should remain in their car or home as product is being loaded or delivered.

Health & Safety for all is essential while we supply you with the high demand items you are looking for to keep home gardening going. Home gardening has many rewards. Americans are resilient and resourceful in the face of adversity provided the opportunity to produce their own food and manage any shortage in the supply chain. Millions of Americans engage in food production at home, and more are sure to follow as the COVID-19 crisis unfolds. With thousands of garden retailers serving communities across North America, these stores provide much-needed services. Whether helping Americans produce home-grown fruits and vegetables, as Americans did during WWII as Victory Gardens, as a mental and physical health relief or providing wholesome activities for children, garden centers offer products and support that individuals and communities can utilize during these stressful times. Many of the products carried by garden retailers are agricultural, like seeds and edible plants. Others are necessary tools and supplies. Together they are essential to maintaining a healthy living environment. In many communities, the garden retailer may be the only outlet where consumers have access to essential supplies for growing, gardening, maintaining or repairing their residences.

You called we listened. The high demand items customers are looking for are listed below. Click on the link to view products by name, size & UPC code. We will continue to add product lists as we go. We are not an online store but can guide you by phone or email in regards to product selection & product information.

It appears as these unsettling times continue more & more people are looking to increase their garden, vegetable, herb and fruit production. We hope to have many of these products in stock in early April. We currently have thousands of vegetable & flower seeds in stock.