Bird Feeding Headquarters

 Wednesday 1/28 DELAYED OPENING due to storm      OPENING  11:00AM

Don’t forget to provide food and water for the birds during the cold winter months when food sources are covered with snow.  Wild birds love suet year round and in the winter suet replenishes depleted energy and nutrients important for birds to survive long cold months. 

Birds need water everyday.  They love open water sources but snow and food from insects and wild fruits also provides water for our winter friends.  If you love to watch nature buy a birdfeeder today for year long enjoyment. 


birdseed hanging birdfeeder cataldobirdseed

Cataldos  carries an extensive line of bird feeders, bird houses and all the seed and accessories to attract birds to your yard.   Don’t forget bird feeders make great gifts!

Inddor/outdoor pots houseplant pots great selection of pots

Freshen up any room with a beneficial houseplant.  Pots of all shapes and sizes will compliment any room, any office any plant!

It may be winter but our seasons are changing at Cataldos.  We will be preparing the shelves for all your garden needs.  We display year round gifts for every holiday, every celebration and great gifts for every occasion.  Check back often we always have something new popping up.

Winter Hobbies…Start a fairy garden today!

fairy village

fairy garden  fairy garden accessories kids activities

Stocking all the supplies you need to start your fairy garden.  Need a winter activity or gift for the kids?  Check out our books and activity kits to keep the little ones busy.  Let’s get Frozen!


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